7 Deadly Sins & Stories from the Qur’an


A Study of the 7 Sins

In this course, inshAllah we will attempt to cover the concept of sins in Islam and study 7 selected major sins which have been authentically transmitted by the Prophet Muhammad (salallahu ‘alayhi wasallam). In addition, a collection of other major sins will be covered which people may encounter in today’s society.

Stories from the Qur’an

Qur’anic stories not only provide us with information about past nations, prophets and incidents, but rather the Qur’anic stories offer divine guidance and lessons which are applicable in our lives today.

In this course, we will focus on the deep wisdoms which can be derived from the different stories covered each week by reflecting on the commentaries of classical scholars. We will also seek to extract practical benefits and lessons which can be applied in our modern-day context.

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7 Deadly sins

In this course we will study in detail the sins (and evidences) of Shirk (polytheism), witchcraft, murder, consuming an orphans wealth, Interest (Ribaa) etc. In addition, other sins such as the rulings of leaving the prayer and consuming intoxicants will be studied along with their evidences and rulings the scholars took from them. 

Stories from the Qur’an

  • Story of Adam
  • Story of Nuh
  • Story of Yunus
  • Story of Luqman and his Son
  • Story of People of the Cave
  • Story of the Slander of Aisha
  • Story of the Boy and the King
  • Story of al-Aqsa

Ustadh Abid Khan

Ustadh Rehan Salim


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