The Prophet (Saws) and Diseases of the heart


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The Prophet (Saws) – based on the Shamaa’il

This course will focus on the best of creation – The Prophet of Allah (saws) and his blessed description and character. Based on Imam al-Tirmidhi’s ‘Al-Shamaail al-Muhammadiyah’, this course will cover selected narrations from this blessed book and provide the listener with a glimpse into the way of life of our most beloved.

Diseases of the Heart and their Cures

 The heart is the most crucial part of the body. Allah (T) says in the glorious Qur’an: “The day that neither wealth nor sons will be of any benefit except for he who comes to Allah with a pure heart.” (Qur’an 26:89)

This course seeks to uncover the diseases of the heart which have plagued humanity since the creation of Adam (as) until today. Students will study the writings of scholars such as Imam al-Ghazali and Imam Ibn al-Qayyim (May Allah have mercy upon them) reflecting on the wisdom and advice of these great scholars. Not only will we study the various diseases of the heart such as pride and envy, but we will also examine ways in which we can purify our hearts from such diseases.

Course content – The Prophet (Saws):

In this course, we will approach the physical description and virtues/character of the Prophet (saws) through a reading of specially selected hadith. This hadith study will cover the following;

An introduction to the al-Shamaail al-Muhammadiyah

The physical description of the Prophet (saws)

The clothing and food of the Prophet (saws)

How the Prophet (saws) used to live

The worship of the Prophet (Saws)

The modesty and humility of the Prophet (saws)

The emotions of sadness and happiness of the Prophet (saws)

The virtues of the Prophet (saws) and his exemplary character


Course Info – Diseases of the heart:

In this course, we will study the following:

The spiritual and religious significance of the Heart

The disease of Envy and protection from it

The disease of Pride and protection from it

The disease of Riyaa (ostentation) and protection from it

The disease of backbiting and protection from it

Actions which strengthen the Heart


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