Distress and Relief

The greater the distress, the closer the relief

Shaykh Abdul Fattāḥ Abu Ghudda (ra) writes in his commentary of Risālat’l-Mustarshidīn;

“Do not think that grief (due to a tribulation) has no end in sight, for everything has a set time period. And know that relief manifests from the core of difficulty and hardship.”

Sometimes we may feel a situation is getting harder and harder to cope with. However, the reality is that as things become more difficult, it’s relief is actually coming closer. 

Allah says in Surat’l-Baqarah;

وَبَشِّرِ الصَّابِرِينَ 

“And give glad tidings to the patient” (2:155).

As if to emphasise that the ones who patiently persevere through their adversity, are those who will eventually truly receive the glad tidings of relief and assistance.