Correct Technique

A really important point I have realised recently is the value of ‘correct’ technique. Good technique is not talked about a lot, but is key to doing anything to a quality standard. A definition of technique I have pinched is ‘a skilful or efficient way of doing or achieving something’.

There are a plethora of examples, but some which are quite obvious;

– Throwing a punch for maximum power vs breaking your hand and visiting A&E pastedGraphic.png

– Memorising a text to a high standard of retention vs completely losing it the next day.

– Giving da’wah in a simple, effective way vs confusing the recipient.

– Striking a football with power into the bottom left corner vs hitting it into row F.

– Keeping an audience engaged in a public talk vs people dozing off etc. etc.

The difference in each of the examples above are heavily attributed to someone perfecting their technique. This is something I have learnt quite late, but humbly advise others to consider to spend time on when embarking on a new skill or endeavour. There is no doubt, if you can perfect the technique and principles at the beginning, it will exponentially improve the quality of your output.

This is also not just restricted to physical efforts as it spreads across different fields and aspects of life, as it’s natural by-product is excellence. A ḥadith of the Prophet (saws) encourages quality in all we do stating “Verily, Allah has prescribed excellence in everything” (Muslim). 

Therefore, good technique and excellence (combined with knowledge) should be generally applied to all types of work, both in the deen and dunya and something which we as Muslims should constantly strive to achieve.