Pleasing Allah (SWT)

There is no doubt that every Muslim’s ultimate goal is to please Allah (swt). However, a subsequent ‘goal’ is that we all want to enter Jannah. There are many aḥādith of ways to enter Jannah however there is a ḥadīth which provides an all-encompassing method to be of the people of paradise.

The Prophet (saws) was asked about what enters people into Jannah the *most*?’ He (saws) replied;

‘تقوى الله و حسن الخلق’

“Taqwa of Allah and good character” (al-Tirmidhi)

Taqwa in essence is obeying the commands of Allah seeking his reward and staying away from his prohibitions, fearing his punishment. Good character is well, good character. The benchmark for this is the following of the Prophet (Saws). His countenance, how he dealt with people, his sunnah in resolving disputes, maintaining promises, how he treated his wives etc etc.

One may ask, why these two traits in particular? Ibn al-Qayyim (ra) summarises the connection explaining ‘Taqwa corrects/promotes what is between the slave and his Lord, whilst good character corrects what is between himself and the creation. Taqwa (of Allah) necessitates the love of Allah for him, whilst good character invites the love of creation for him’ (Al-Fawāid/54). 

On the whole, the religion is simple to implement inshAllah. Yes, we may see many other people doing lots of good works, such as charity, teaching or helping others and may feel despondent that we’re not doing enough. That’s great Alhamdulillah and may Allah accept from them, but even if we just focus on the basics required of us, then inshaAllah we will be successful. 

The only difference between you and the next person is down to how much Allah (swt) accepts from you and has mercy upon you over others. Our taqwa and character are an evidence of that sincerity to Him (swt).