The current financial situation for many people is in the air. Those in a job may not feel the pressure, but the reality is that things are uncertain and *can* take a turn for the worse for anyone. Some quick reflections for:

Those who still have a job/income;

1) Thank Allah (swt) pastedGraphic.png– It’s easy to take a standard salary job for granted, but the truth is it’s likely many people would fight to trade places with you (750k have already lost a job during COVID!). That extra, *focused* dhikr praising Allah for his unlimited grace is something we should strive towards.

2) Try and financially help those who reach out – Yes, we may not be able to help everyone (circle of concern), but a good rule I’ve seen is to strive to help those in our circle of *influence*. That means people you know or those who genuinely approach you. If unable to help financially, then help getting a job, sharing their CV… anything.

3) Be there for those struggling – There are people close to us who just need mental support. They might be anxious, depressed or just want someone to give them hope. It might be a coffee for 30 mins or a 10 minute phone call. Either way, there’s no doubt these small, costless acts are heavy on the scale.

Those who have lost their job or struggling financially;

1) Try to bear with patience and say Innā lillāhi wa innā ilayhi rāji’oon – Allah says about those who are patient when tested (by fear, loss of wealth etc.); “Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy”. In a ḥadith, one who bears patience and asks for reward for his hardship, then ‘Allah will compensate him with something better’ (Muslim).

2) Say lots of Istighfār (Astaghfirullah) – Many of the salaf have advised to consistently repent to Allah and because of that are bestowed wealth as per the statement Nuḥ (as) to his people (Surah Nuḥ 10-12).

3) I know it’s hard, but where possible look at those who possess less than you as per the ḥadith of the Prophet (saws). There is such wisdom in this statement and when you really reflect on this you realise how much solace it gives mentally.

Finally, sustenance is pre-ordained. We definitely need to keep striving to find work, but Allah has already determined the Rizq for everyone. So bear with patience, keep your head up to find new income and know that with hardship, Allah promises ease.