Moving Forward in Jum’ah

A quick point for worshippers in advance of Jum’ah tomorrow.
When the khutbah is finished and people stand to pray, if you see a gap in front of you – go and take it! ?
I know for us in the UK, we may be pre-programmed to say ‘You go ahead’ as a form of politeness, however this isn’t the right option (in most cases). This is one of many situations where religious instruction supersedes local custom/culture.
According to a fiqhi principle, it’s mentioned:
الإيثار في القرب مكروه وفي غيرها محبوب
‘Preferring others in acts of obedience/gaining closeness to Allah is disliked, whilst in other acts, it is recommended’ (Al-Ashbaah wa al-Nadhaair, al-Suyuti/116).
Preferring others over oneself therefore has 2 types:
1) Preferring others in matters of obedience – disliked or even haram. E.g., Giving the remaining water left for wudhu to another person to pray, at your own expense.
2) Preferring others in matters of the dunya – this is recommended. E.g., Giving a poor person food who is in dire need.
The first is disliked because these are acts of worship between you and Allah. This worship is meant as a form of venerating Allah and so by rescinding your ability to do that, you are lowering its value to you in front him (swt).
The second is self-explanatory as the food itself is a means of the dunya with no inherent value as worship. By giving to someone else in need at your own sacrifice, this is then considered a good deed.
I mention because you sometimes see people just waiting if there is space ahead in the row (due to lethargy or politeness). But in fact, we should be *eager* and compete to do acts of obedience as per many quranic and prophetic injunctions.
There is not just a greater reward for praying closer to the 1st row, but it’s also about making a spiritual statement that we wish to be of those who run to the obedience and forgiveness of Allah (swt).