Rajab: The Time for Righteousness

I received a reminder last night from a brother that we have officially entered into the month of Rajab.
Rajab is one of the sacred months Allah has selected. Allah says:
فلا تظلموا فيهن أنفسكم
“Do not wrong yourselves during them” (Al-Taubah: 36)
Scholars say there are 3 types of Dhulm (oppression):
1) Oppression regarding Allah – this is polytheism (shirk).
2) Oppression against others – taking their rights or hurting others.
3) Oppression against oneself – committing sins.
Therefore, our teachers remind us to strive to reduce sins as much as possible in this sacred month. Qatadah says ‘Injustice in these sacred months is *greater* in sin compared to other months…’ (Tafseer ibn Kathir).
Likewise the opposite is true – good deeds carry more weight when done in these months.