The Benefits of Trials and Tribulations

In a discussion, it was asked that when was the last time that we beseeched and really called upon Allah SWT for a need that we needed fulfilling. Interestingly enough, for many people, it is that when they were going through a really difficult time, when they really had a hardship, they would turn back to Allah and they would cry towards him. They would be in Qiyam ul Layl and they would make immense Dua – as if the trial and the tribulation that one faces is a way to get closer to Allah.

Imam Ali (RA) mentions that do not be happy with ease and do not be sad with difficulty, that indeed gold is made by molting it, by heating it intensely, and indeed the pious slave is made through the difficulties he faces.

And so sometimes, brothers and sisters, it’s important that when we’re going through something difficulty, whether it’s to do with our finances, our health, our relationships, though they can get really, really hard and it can really be overwhelming, sometimes it is through those specific situations that you realise that you have no one else, that no one can help you, that no one will come to your aid – and at that point you realize it’s only Allah that will be there who will answer your Dua and He is the only one that could remove the hardship.

So we ask Allah that he makes it easy for all of us to attain that with Him SWT.