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Our History

We are a growing Muslim organisation in Manchester. Through local impact, we hope to bring people closer to Allah and his Rasul (Saws)


The Al-Ma’rifah Foundation journey started in Egypt. This is where both Imam Abid and Ustadh Rehan spent time studying a variety of Islamic Sciences including Arabic, Fiqh, Tajweed with renowned scholars and teachers. Later on, their time at Al-Azhar inspired them to commit to establishing an organisation focused on educational outreach and benefit for the Muslim community. 


Al-Ma’rifah Foundation was formed with the aim of disseminating traditional Islamic knowledge, primarily to the local Muslim community.


With a number of students of sacred knowledge, they started delivering weekly Islamic courses, Friday sermons and writing publications.


In November 2019, at the ‘In the Footsteps of the Beloved’ Seerah Conference, over 500 students attended from all over the world. A flagship event that connected some of our respected teachers to remember our most beloved, Rasul Allah (saws).

2020 - 2021

During the pandemic we pivoted to accommodate our global audience with online content, webinars and regular live-streams. Alhamdulillah, our instructors delivered in excess of 8 four-week online courses, including an online marriage webinar and our 15 minute tafseer series during the month of Ramadan; a well received collection of concise gems from the Qur’an.


With lockdown restrictions ending and a return to normality, our team launched our first 6-month Arabic course with Imam Abid. We also held our first in-person event, ‘Connecting with the Quran’. 

Looking Forward insha'Allah

Al-Ma’rifah Foundation has established itself as an educational institution in the Manchester region. There is a renewed desire to cater for expanded services within the locality such as engaging more with issues/pressures facing the youth, marital disputes and other needs. 

The team at Al-Ma’rifah Foundation are planning to expand their community based services including marriage counselling, provision of nikaah services and other services whilst maintaining a standard of excellence when it comes to educational commitments.