A Pathway to Closeness: Year 2 (2024/25)


Take your Islamic knowledge to the next level with the second year of Al-Ma’rifah Foundation’s flagship A Pathway to Closeness course.

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Our Year 2 students will delve deeper into advanced Islamic studies. The modules for this year include:

  • Maqasid ash-Shari’ah – Understand the objectives and higher intents of Islamic law, exploring how they guide the application of jurisprudence in various contexts.
  • Usool al-Fiqh – Study the principles of Islamic jurisprudence, learning how they form the basis for deriving legal rulings.
  • Uloom al-Quran – discover the profound study of the sciences of the Quran and improve your relationship with it by exploring its historical, linguistic, and spiritual dimensions.
  • Living the Sunnah: Applied Hadith – study a select number of ahadith helping you derive valuable lessons related to adab (etiquette), aqeedah (creed), the importance of knowledge and action, and enhancing your approach to Islamic studies.
  • Islamic History – Explore the rich and diverse history of Islam, from its inception to the present day.
  • Tazkiyah – Engage with the Islamic science of spiritual purification, learning how to cultivate a pure heart and a strong relationship with Allah.

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