A Pathway to Closeness: Year 3 (2024/25)


Go even further into the ocean of sacred knowledge, and further develop your connection with Allah and His Way with the third year of Al-Ma’rifah Foundation’s flagship A Pathway to Closeness course.

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Our Year 3 students will delve even deeper into advanced Islamic studies, with a primary focus on the topic of Uloom al-Quran. Third-year students will also be focusing more on independent learning and specialised teaching that will ultimately aid them in applying the technical knowledge they have built up thus far. There will be no modules, rather third-year students will study a selection of texts for one to two hours a week with Shaykh Hammad ur-Rahman Fahim over the course of the year. They will also be provided with the opportunity to optionally attend various workshops and guest lectures that will aid their understanding and application of the various Islamic sciences, contextualised for modern-day, and curated to help the students in disseminating their knowledge to their various communities.

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