Surah Yasin: A Revival for the Heart – Ustadh Hisham Abu Ja’far




“Surah Yāsīn is the heart of the Qurān” [Tirmidhi]

A 5-Part Series with Ustadh Hisham Abu Ja’far from Roots Academy

Contemplate and study a sūrah that was revealed to the Prophet (s) shortly after the toughest year of his life, and was a form of reviving the īmān of Muslims who were boycotted and struggling – perhaps it will revive our hearts the same way.

Topics Include:

  • Why is the Qur’ān described as ‘wise’?
  • How can we remain motivated while putting in effort to call people to Islām?
  • How can we rejuvenate our Īmān? -How does Allah reassure his Prophet(s) in times of difficulty?
  • Why does society reject Islām?

The course will include: Quizzes | Visual slides | Reflection prompts