I remember our teacher once said; “A man may have knowledge of many of the books of tazkiyah (purification of the heart) and be proficient in them, whilst another man may only know Surat’l-Fātiḥah. 

It could be that the latter is closer and more beloved to Allah!”

This is because he internalizes the verses of this powerful surah and reflects on the omnipotence and magnificence of his creator to the point he does not do a deed, except seeking the pleasure of Allah. As for the former well versed in purification, he knows the ailments of the heart and it’s cure, but he is bound by his nafs and desires.

No doubt seeking knowledge is from the *best* of deeds. However, it’s important to remember that knowledge itself is only a means and not the end result per se. Real, beneficial knowledge is that which brings you closer to Allah (swt), in faith and deed.